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The Orphanage Voluntourism Campaign: is the end-game in sight?

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

This blog was published on the Learning Service platform on the 26 November 2019. It summarises the history of the orphanage voluntourism movement over the last decade, celebrates the achievements that have been made, and asks if the endgame is now in sight. It goes on to offer thoughts on what could happen next to make the global campaign even more effective - these ideas include returning to grassroots activism in the countries where orphanage voluntourism is happening, addressing the rise in Asian voluntourism, working with the 'woke' and 'unwoke', better recognising our own privilege for those of us leading the movement, considering the use of both carrot and stick campaigning, communicating better with Generation Z, and embodying the values we expect from volunteers. To read the blog click here.


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